Metal Sticker

Metal Stickers are based on nickel (Ni) as the main substrate, with special platings (chrome, 24k real gold, etc.) attached to the surface. According to the requirements of the artwork provided by the customer, special processing methods such as exposure

and electroforming are added, so that while obtaining a metallic texture, it also has a high reflective gloss effect, and finally undergoes precision brushing and packaging processing.

Application field: 

This product is mainly used in the production of the following cards: financial bank cards, high-end membership cards or gift cards, etc.

Reliability test: 

The high hardness physical properties of Metal Sticker products and the reliability of glue can be well adapted to the production process and card performance requirements of financial cards. The card fully complies with ISO/IEC7810, ISO/IEC7811, ISO/IEC7813, and CQM-related reliability tests for card bases.

Physical Size Specification Limitations:

  • Metal Sticker thickness (without glue) range: 0.03-0.06 mm

  • Metal Sticker thickness (with glue) range: 0.035-0.08 mm

  • Double-sided tape type Metal Sticker thickness (with glue) range: 0.08-0.13 mm

  • Smallest wire diameter size: 0.12 mm

  • Smallest font size: 0.6 mm

Product Categories: 

Regular color, colorful, textured surface, holographic, layered, relief, glitter powder metal sticker.

Main glue (back) type:

Water glue: Printing glue. The advantages are low cost, easy processing, and high yield of qualified products. The disadvantages are that protective film of this kind of product is highly viscous, difficult to tear and paste, and the efficiency is low. When tearing the film, it is easy to cause product displacement or defect. After the card body is laminated, the glue solvent evaporates, which is easy to cause problems such as glue overflow and air spots.

Hot-melt adhesive: heat-setting printing glue. The advantage is that the protective film of this kind of product and the initial viscosity of the product are low, it is easy to tear and stick and it is convenient for automatic operation, the glue has high chemical stability, and after the card body is laminated, there will be no glue overflow, air spots and other issues. The disadvantages are that the cost of such products is high,and the scrap rate is high.

3M double-sided tape: sticky solid tape. This type of tape is used for surfaceattached(milling slot mount) Metal Sticker without lamination process, such as perfume metal sticker, etc.

Metal Sticker
Metal Sticker