Shell Foil


Noble 3D grain surface presentation, multi-color surface, good quality, low price, customized layout size.

Principle: Shell Foil is mainly made of PVC resin, filled with shell texture element, added with special arrangement and handicraft processing methods, a colorful, threedimensional, shell-like effect PVC material suitable for card production conditions is obtained.

Application field:

Shell Foils are mainly used in financial bank cards, high-end membership cards, gift cards and other fields. They are usually used as partial decorations on card surface, or use it as a background to enhance the atmosphere.


The physical properties of PVC can be well adapted to the production process and card performance requirements of conventional financial cards. The card fully complies with ISO/IEC7810, ISO/IEC7811, ISO/IEC7813, and CQM-related reliability tests for card bases.

Product information:

Tensile StrengthISO52710~15Mpa
Elongation at breakISO52780-120%

Flame Retardant, Self-Extinguishing

Non-toxic during normal use

Shell Foil
Shell Foil