Micro-textured Material

Micro-textured Materials are a series of materials with different textures developed according to market demand. There are more than 50 kinds of products in the whole series, which are mainly divided into inner and outer microtextured solutions, nano-textured solutions, and transparent relief overlay.

Simulation texture series: 

More than 40 kinds of texture such as leather, carbon fiber, tree bark, metal wire drawing, etc.

Dazzling texture series: 

There are 10 kinds of texture such as laser scattered, gradient texture, convex 3D texture, etc.


The Micro-textured Material is based on PET, and the surface is processed by a special UV offset printing method, so that one side of the material has a textured medium with a high tactile and visual sense, and the production conditions suitable for card making can be repeated. The colorful and hand-feeling embossed film is used.

Application fields:  

This product is currently mainly used in financial bank cards, high-end membership cards or gift cards, etc.

Reliability test: 

The physical characteristics of PET material can be well applied to the cycle production process and card performance requirements of conventional financial cards. The card fully complies with ISO/IEC7810, ISO/IEC7811, ISO/IEC7813, and CQM-related reliability tests on card bases.

Process application reference suggestion:

Lamination: It is recommended that the material be placed on the top layer of the lamination, and the lamination temperature is 140~150 ℃, which should be adjusted according to the design process equipment and conditions of each manufacturer.

Frequency of use: It is recommended that each sheet of material be reused (laminated again after being torn off) 5 times before replacement.

Storage and material life: We recommend that the material be stored in a place without direct sunlight, the ambient temperature is 15~25°C at room temperature, and the humidity is 30%~60%. Under normal storage conditions, it can be used normally within 12 months.

Micro-textured Material
Micro-textured Material