RealSmart Tech

RealSmart was founded in China 2005s with booming industry of Smart Card & RFID business. Building on the culture of passion, excellence and reliability, RealSmart now covers the entire smart card &RFID product sales, value added solution and up to chip manufactory.

RealSmart offers our customer and partners expertise in both high-quality, low-cost product as well as a flexible software solution and a professional consultant service.

Committed To

◆ R&D, manufacture and application of niche, scene-oriented RFID and IoT tags

◆ R&D, promoting IoT solutions based on sensing and auto identification technologies

◆ Focus on RFID applications for automotive, medical, logistics, anti-counterfeiting etc.

You will get service more than

◆ RFID Card Material

◆ RFID Chip Service

◆ Chip Package

◆ RFID Tester