Process to Custom RFID Tag

Process to Custom RFID Tag

Customization of a RFID tag is a systematic project. According to the author's experience it needs to go through six stages

Process to Custom RFID Tag

1. Demand Assessment

Demand assessment is the most critical step. We need to evaluate whether RFID technology is needed due to the user's application.

2. Preliminary Selection

According to the results of the demand assessment, select tag band, product size, chip type, package form, installation method and so on.

3. Cost Evaluation

The influence element is chip type, encapsulation mode , size and data requirement.

4. Samples Development

Samples development includes indispensability process, antenna design, material manufacture, antenna etching, handmade sample, test and verification etc.

5. Scene Measurement

After samples done, the customer will test scene measurement, propose optimization suggestion.

6. Selection of Optimization

If the primary sample performance is not good, need to analyze and try to develop new samples and measure.

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