Copper Wire Antenna and Inlay

RFID Copper Wire Antenna, Inlay & Tag


Compare with Aluminum antenna/inlay, copper wire antenna made Inlay & Tag has better performance on RFID Reading/Encoding. 

Especially to those small tags like NFC which requires good R/W distance and Q-value, copper wire Inlay plays key roles in RFID industry.

Antenna and inlay manufactured under world-class and eco-friendly facility. Multi-process likes silver coating are available! 

Cooper Wire Antenna and Inlay-V1.0

What can we do? 

★ HF and UHF copper antenna custom design and production 

★ Copper antenna inlay and tag custom make.

★ Single side Cu laminate, PET film, plus silver bridge for HF requirement, OSP optional, L/S= min.65um, Roll to Roll

Cooper Wire Antenna and Inlay-V1.0


★ PET thickness: 50 um (standard)

★ Cooper wire thickness: 18um (standard)

★ Antenna Line & Space dimension: Min. 65um

Note: contact us if have special requirement


★ Roll to Roll

★ Vacuum packaging

How custom your own copper wire antenna for inlay/tag manufacture

1. If the antenna design available 

★ Send us antenna design drawing and web layout, according to different RFID chip

★ RealSmart Tech helps you design and antenna according to requirements.

★ NRE for samples make

★ Buyer qualifies the samples.

★ Buyer placer order for QA lot production

★ Mass production.

2. If you need assistance on antenna design

★ Send us antenna, inlay and tag all dimensions and requirements.

★ RealSmart Tech helps you design and antenna accordingly 

★ NRE for samples make

★ Buyer qualifies the samples.

★ Buyer placer order for QA lot production

Cooper Wire Antenna and Inlay-V1.0

Inlay/Tag outsource manufacture.

Once antenna ready, if you want to get inlay/tag produced by one pass. Happy to do it for you!


Abundant IOT will generate more demands on various RFID tags including high performance NFC etc applications. As same, all inlays/tags will be manufactured in first-class equipped facilities. Secure your 

lead time and quality!

Cooper Wire Antenna and Inlay-V1.0


★ Chip of HF 13.56MHz ISO14443A,B, ISO15693, NFC, Felica etc

★ Chip of UHF: ISO18000-6C, EPC C1G2 etc from Impinj, Alien etc. 

★ Copper Wire Antenna and Aluminum Antenna 

★ Various Dry Inlays, Wet Inlays, Labels as custom made.


★ Dry Inlay: 50M/month

★ Wet Inlay: 55M/month

★ Label: 50M/month

Here table is machines list of 2017. Now more are in procurement process. You are so welcome to visit and witness by yourself! 

For most RFID Inlays and Tags are customized as project. We’re able to provide turn-key-solutions from antenna design, inlay manufacture and tag converting make.

Cooper Wire Antenna and Inlay-V1.0

What’s an ideal RFID Antenna/Inlay/Tag design and manufacturer partner you are looking for? 

Still headache to find reliable copper wire antenna and inlay provider?

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