3D Printing Material


3D coating is the latest technology that can express the three-dimensional effect very well. The decorative appearance produced has a strong metallic feeling, high light reflection effect, so it can give the product a very moving visual beauty to achieve a unique visual effect.

Processing methods:

The 3D coating can be applied to the surface of the product by silk screen printing, spraying, or transfer printing to achieve a three-dimensional and dreamy appearance on the product surface.

Applicable material:

Suitable for PVC, PET, PC, PMMA, other plastic, metal, glass, paper, leather, and other materials. The surface of 3D ink is properly treated, and ink printing or offset printing can be done according to product requirements.

Product series:

Classic Fan Deng series, Fan Deng Stereoscopic Series, Fan Deng Diamond series, Ghost OVI, 3D relief series.

Application field:

High-end payment cards, mobile phone cases, digital product appearance, home decoration and other fields.

3D Printing Material
3D Printing Material