3D Printing Material
3D Printing Material
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3D coating is the latest technology that can express the three-dimensional effect very well. The decorative appearance produced has a strong metallic feeling, high light reflection effect, so it can give the product a very moving visual beauty to achieve a unique visual effect. 

Processing methods: 

The 3D coating can be applied to the surface of the product by silk screen print- ing, spraying, or transfer printing to achieve a three-dimensional and dreamy appearance on the product surface. 

Applicable material: 

Suitable for PVC, PET, PC, PMMA, other plastic, metal, glass, paper, leather, and other materials. The surface of 3D ink is properly treated, and ink printing or offset printing can be done according to product requirements.

Raw Material

3D Printing Material

Dazzling light and shadow shaking effect, the overall effect is relatively soft and delicate, with the texture of metal powder, the effect to be expressed is more vivid. Taking Three-dimensional mist as an example, the Classic Fan Deng Series is often used to express the texture of the theme and emphasize the overall sense of atmosphere.

3D Printing Material

The surface of the Fan Deng Diamond Series is shiny with a 3D effect. Comparing with other Fan Deng series, the Fan Deng Dia is more transparent and shiny, more eye-catching, with strong light and shadow changes, and has a strong sense of flicker.

3D Printing Material

The Fan Deng Stereoscopic Series adopts special printing technology to form a deep multi-layer three-dimensional abstract texture on the flat, and alternately presents different three-dimensional effects at different angles, which has a strong sense of visual impact. Compared with the Classic Fan Deng Series, the multi-layer three-dimensional Fanden presents a stronger three-dimensional sense and more three-dimensional changes.

3D Printing Material

The color of the Ghost OVI will change with the shaking of the light and shadow, and produce two different color effects following the change of the viewing angle. With the shaking of the light and shadow, it will produce a color changing effect of the illusion, and the product presents a richer color change Effect.

3D Printing Material

The 3D relief series has a strong visual sense and unique three-dimensional effect, which generally shows two effects: concave and convex. Visually, it is a concave-convex three-dimensional effect, but tactilely, it is flat, making the product more vivid.


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