CLI/MLI, Micro-textured Lamination Plate

The CLI/MLI, Micro-textured Lamination Plate with surface uses special patterns and lines on the micro-textured surface for anti-counterfeiting. These tiny lines and patterns are usually made on the surface of the steel plate through etching. The patterns

and lines of the micro-textured surface are usually very small and complex, which are difficult to be recognized and reproduced by the naked eye. In addition, the micrograin patterns and lines on the surface of the steel plate usually have a certain depth and

convexity, making them difficult to simulate and replicate. The anti-counterfeiting principle of the CLI/MLI, Mirco-textured Lamination Plate also includes the use of special reading equipment for identification and verification. These reading devices are

usually able to read and identify the special patterns and lines on the micrograin surface, so as to judge the authenticity and legality of the steel plate.

Microtext Specifications
line width30~50um
font size150um
Grating Part Specifications
Peak middle distance (P)128um/175um
Grating Depth (D)50um
Grating arc radius (R)90um

CLI/MLI, Micro-textured Lamination Plate
CLI/MLI, Micro-textured Lamination Plate