Holographic Laminate PVC

Brief introduction:

Holographic Laminate PVC is specially designed for high quality transaction cards and loyalty cards. It is not only make your designed card with unique holographic appearance but also add the impact protecting feature on it.


High bonding strength make it meet ISO/IEC 7810 standard 

Minimize orange peel when laminated with Boyuan match coated overlay 

Holographic Laminated PVC can be printed by offset, silkcreen and digital  

Balanced card consutruction is designed to prevent torque issue. 

*Digital include Hp Indigo , Xerox, Konica etc

Product Structure:

Holographic Laminate PVC

Typical Foil Card Structure:

Holographic Laminate PVC

Physical Parameters:

PatternRainbow , Bright Silver , Brush Silver (custom patterns also available on request)

Standard Thickness(micron) 

(custom thickness also available on request)

150 (RFID & Dual interface Cards)
330(Split-Core Cards)
Sheet sizeAccording to customers’ requirement
Roughness (Ra,Rz)Offset PrintRa, 0.01-0.02 ; Rz, 0.16-0.24
Digital PrintRa, 0.02-0.06 ; Rz, 0.27-0.3
Wetting Tension(dynes/cm)≥40
AppearanceNo visible bubbles or wrinkles after lamination

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