The contactless smart card ultra-thin module SOA6 has a thickness of only 250 μm, less than 65% of the thickness of the SOA2 (390 μm) module, and by saving 35% of the thickness under the condition that the package area remains unchanged, this ultra-thin module can perfectly reflect the characteristics and efficacy of contactless smart cards in the Inlay and card making process, adapt to thinner terminal requirements, and it can still adapt to the original card production line.


※ SOA6 products are thinner, softer carrier tape, good toughness, high safety and reliability;

※ The packaging process is the same as SOA2 and SOA4, and the compatibility between Inlay and card making is better;

※ The ultra-thin module is suitable for more security scenarios, such as the inner page of the certificate;


※ Overall SOA6 module size: 250 μm

※ Carrier Tape size: 60 μm, Material: copper foil silver plating (nickel);

※ Produced collinear with SOA2 and SOA4, the Pad size is the same as the above two models and can be applied to most security chips.

Through more than two years of R&D and market investment, SOA6 (250 μm) ultra-thin module products have been recognized and praised by customers for their good reliability, durability and economy. We go through:

※ High and low temperature impact test:-55 ℃(+0,-10)~125℃(+15,-0),30min-1min-30min 50cycles;

※ Constant temperature and humidity test: 85℃/85%RH 168hrs;

※ The bond alloy wire tension and thrust test passed.



The appearance and size compatibility of SOA6 products is conducive to adapting to the market of the original product, and at the same time, this product is more conducive to the expansion of the future market and new promotion and application of customers.


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