RF-DFN Chip Packaging

DFN chip package, widely used in RFID tag manufacturing, which needs high temperature SMT soldering process to bond RFID chip and antenna firmly.

Nowadays, high MOQ and longer lead time are normal in semiconductor packaging industry, which also caused longer term for new product development.

RF-DFN chip packaging service can quickly help you to encapsulate various RFID chips. Creating more powers and opportunities for RFID/IOT industry.


  • ※ D2216-2P 2.2×1.6×0.55mm 2 PIN
    ※ D2121-4P 2.1×2.1×1.0mm 4 PIN
    ※ D3528-6P 3.5×2.8×0.7mm 6 PIN
    ※ S3015-4P 3.0×1.5×0.9mm 4 PIN


  • ※ Fast delivery with professional packaging
    ※ Low MOQ up to 1 wafer in 8’’ size
    ※ Quick and professional service response
    ※ Wide range of RFID chip types
    ※ Series Mini Dimensions
    ※ Fast and cost-effect proofing
    ※ Suitable to high temperature resistant SMT process

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