Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon


During mass production of Dual-interface/Contactless Card Inlay, Smart Card, RFID/NFC Antenna and Transponder, all products need 100% online inspection with RF performance for better QC control. 

In addition, Dual-interface Card's Inlay has more strict Frequency control before/after chip bonding due to antenna making quality. 

This multi-channel HF/NFC tester T8200Shannon, can be equipped into auto-equipment(handler) to execute 100% RF performance inspection with Resonant Frequencies, Q Values, RF attenuation and communication protocol. Also, collect chip UIDs and record in log file. 

T8200Shannon is composed of a test host and several expansion boards. The modular design allows multiple expansion boards to be selected according to the test target to realize synchronous detection of multiple test targets, greatly reducing the detection time. 

It's ideal testing tools during production for dual interface/contactless card, Inlay and NFC transponders with high speed of 150msec/run.

Variable HF Band Signal Attenuator for RFID  T8200Shannon

Variable HF Band Signal Attenuator for RFID  T8200Shannon


Ø  Dual interface Inlay, card manufacturer (wire soldering, coupling, conductive epoxy or conductive tape ACF etc.)

Ø  Contactless Card Inlay and NFC transponder manufacturer

Ø  RFID Inlay, RFID Tag manufacturer

Ø  RFID transponder machine maker (flip-chip bonder, convertor, perso and inspection)


Ø  High speed inspection 150ms for all targets/run

Ø  Multi-function of detecting RF performance (Frequency, Q-factor, attenuation), communication protocol and UID identify for HF smart card or RFID transponder products

Ø  Can measure inlay RF performance of Dual-interface card or NFC transponder before or after chip bonding

Ø  Machine can work with 2~16 boards at same time, each board connected with 2 channels of the antenna, a total of 32 channels (One Pass inspection). The detection module can work independently.

Ø  Tester equipped with equipment(Handler) connected to DIO interface, can be easily integrated and installed into various automation equipment.

Ø  User can use external software to control the T8200Shannon to facilitate quick response of data and signals between programs.

Ø  Measuring log is timely sorted and saved by index (such as production batch, date and custom name)

Measuring Principle

Ø  T8200 Shannon makes PASS/FAIL judgments that performs contactless measurement of the resonance frequency, attenuation, Q-factor and nearby non-contact Smart cards and RFID tag to use magnetic field couple. Please refer to T8200PRO-G for a detailed description or contact us

Ø  It measures transmission or reflection characteristics to sweep frequency and couples magnetic field between measurement probe and measurement targets (contactless Smart card, RFID tag).






Amplitude of the Transmission or reflection voltage

Test items

Resonant frequency, attenuation, Q-factor, UID reading

(UID: option)

ID reading protocol

ISO14443A (MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight)

ISO14443B , FeliCa

ISO15693(Tag it HF-I Plus/Pro, I-CODE SLIX2)


Number of probe

2 CH/unit

<=32 probe

No. of measure point

100~2048 points

Test time


Test result saving

Test log file(*.csv)

Need to connect PC



Output RF Power

-30 ~ +15dBm

Operation Mode

PC link mode: manual control,

Digital I/O(DIO)

Stand-alone mode: Digital I/O(DIO)

System Requirements

OS: Win10,11, USB2.0 or higher

Power supply

DC 5V±5% (current consumption less than1A)

Size, Weight

80×180×170 mm, 1.8Kg (1 host and 1 XM. Board)

XM-boards can be added


Ø  Inlay production inspection of dual interface cards and contactless cards.

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Ø  HF/NFC tag antenna (multiple rows. Roll to Roll 100% production inspection)

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Ø  HF/NFC INLAY and label finished products (Multi-probe in a line. Production inspection of pitch to pitch)

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Ø  For Dual-interface Antenna performance test before chip bonding

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Case Sharing

When a machine equipped with T8200 Shannon, multiple detections can be implemented simultaneously, speeding up the overall test speed. The machine can receive testing results from T8200Shannon's various probes, and once unqualified signal found, the mechanism will execute the N.G. marking action. If machine has a PC installed, you can also record all test results in a log file.

Ø  Multi-probe in a line Pitch to pitch application

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Ø  Multi- channel step by step application

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Ø  Sheet Card Inlay likes layout 3x8, 5x5 or 6x8 

◼ During production of HF Sheet Inlay, 100% RF inspection (Resonant Frequency, Q-factor and Attenuation, Protocol) and UIDs capture can indicate the well QC control in different process of embedding, welding, collecting and lamination. 

◼ The machine equipped with T8200 Shannon can be custom-developed with semi-automatic or fully automatic solution.

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

Ø  Application for Coupling DI Card Inlay Inspection

The coupling antenna has no closed-circuit because of None chip physical connection. It is difficult to obtain inlay data through ordinary reader, which brings the potential quality risk during production. 

At this point, deploy T8200 Shannon into automated testing equipment (ATE handler) becomes very easy! With Muti-channel Test Probes and customized Test Head as inlay layout, the key parameters of Inlay Resonant Frequency, Q-factor and Attenuation can be measured even without chip connection. 

Manufacturer can quickly detect defective products through multi-channel curve anomalies and data changes, and identify them to avoid N.G. Inlays flowing to next process, so as to improve the production rate and reduce loss.

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

The regular defects for DI Inlays are: winding fracture, copper wire difference, buried wire damage or loosening, substrate deformation, copper wire jumper damage, etc.

For example 

The Max. Resonant Frequency of normal transponder is about 14~15MHz. 

When coil antenna turns is less or the buried wire is loose, Max. Resonant Frequency will be changed (become larger).  

When coil copper wire is broken, Maximum resonant frequency offset is obvious and reaching about 45MHz.

Multi-channel HF/NFC Performance Tester T8200Shannon

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