NFC shopping service goes live in Paris supermarket




NFC shopping service goes live in Paris supermarket

CHECK IT OUT:Intermarche's NFC shopping service uses SES G-tag+shelf edge labels

French supermarket chain Intermarche has introduced an NFC shopping service at its lssy-les-Moulineaux, Paris store, enabling customers to add products to a digital shopping basket and receive personalised discount vochers with a tap of their NFC phone.

'This application uses NFC technology intergrated into SES G-tag + NFC electronic label,' Store Electronic Systems(SES), supplier of the shelf edge labels installed by the supermarket, explains.

'It allows shoppers to make up theri shopping basket on their smartphone by holding it near the label, to benefit instantly from personalised discount vouchers, to know at all times the exact total of their purchases and to go through the checkout without unloading their basket.'

'As for payment, you still have to pay in a classical way for the moment,' SES explained to NFC World. 'But, definitely, payment with the smartphone through NFC technology is the next step for this connected store.'


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