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  • Receiving customer inquiry.
  • Establish relation

    Understand each sides background

  • Clear customer's requirement
  • Send your sheet layout design document

    Tell us your technical requests like Thickness,Frequency. Better with your function and appearance inspection standards.

    Order quantity forecast.

  • Quotation Submit and Customer Confirmation
  • RealSmart will make formal quotation as your requirement

    Customer needs to confirm quotation for our next operation

  • Ask RealSmart Making Samples
  • Customer asks for Inlay sampling, with quantity and other request.

    Better send us your reader for our engineering antenna design

    Lead-time:normally within 2 weeks

    Sampling cost:100 USD/Layout,free of charge for 2 sheets inlay. If customer needs (n)Sheets, the additional inlay cost will be:Unit inlay price * n *3*7(if layout is 3*7).If order comes & quantity > 10k pcs, we will refund the sampling cost(100 USD/Layout)to customer.

  • Sending Inlay design & Spec to customer for approval
  • This document including inlay material(PVC, Antenna,Chip)'s technical spec,frequency,R/W function testing standards, Visual inspection standards, inlay structure & dimension tolerances etc.

    Customer sign and confirm the design document.

  • Customer qualiry the quality
  • Test Inlay sample after receive them.

    Evaluate the samples and make the testing reports. Please indicate how to improve if somewhere couldn't meet your requirement well.

  • Trial order placement for QA Lot
  • Customer confirmed samples quality and send 1st trial PO to RealSmart

    RealSmart inform customer about the leadtime for this PO.

    Customer finish the payment and instruct RealSmart for production.

  • Production and Deliver the QA Lot to customer
  • RealSmart Inlay factory launches production as the previous standards/technical documents or samples.

    Finish the production on time and ship to customer

  • Customer verify Inlay quality after receive them.
  • Customer factory make the final card under their working flow.

    Passed the inspection and finish the engineering phase.

  • Customer places the big order, starts mass production
  • Customer accepted RealSmart Inlay quality & performance

    Customer is confident to RealSmart Inlay and place big order

  • What we can provide you for Inlay:
  • Various layout: A4(2*4, 2*5, 3*7, 4*8, 5*5, 4*10 could be customized)

    Various chip frequency:125K LF,13.56MHz HF,Dual Frequency LF+HF,900-915MHz UHF

    Various chip package:Module(MOA2/MOA4 etc), Die in wafer,COB

    Various Antenna Tech:Etching Aluminum Antenna,Copper Wire/coil

    Various Inlay thickness:Ultra-thin 0.3mm Inlay(for 0.5mm ultra-thin ticket/card production), 0.40-0.42mm. 0.48-0.50mm

Contact Us

Shanghai RealSmart Technologies Co., Ltd.

Rm 706,Bldg of Vorwerk, No.1768. Yishan Road, MinHang District, Shanghai 201103, P.R China

Tel: +86 21 6432 6941

Fax: +86 21 6432 6942


Tel: +86 21 6432 6941