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Dual Interface Card Inlays


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Nowadays, more and more Dual Interface Cards are typically used in banking, transport markets, ID, Goverment and other areas that need larger memory than a standard contactless card, higher security and multiple interfaces.

In order to support card manufacturing partners more competitive, RealSmart provides various DI inlays in high& stable quality for you DI card mass production.

DI Inlay Type

1.By Condctive Adhesive DI Card Tech(ZigZag Coil Antenna)

Whatever any DI making soulution with Flexible Bump, Conductive Tape or Elastic Conductive Fillings, there is a need for super plain for wired antenna layer in DI inlay/Card.

This DI Inlay consists of PVC sheet, where embedded the antenna of Copper Coil. The ZigZag shaped cooper wires layout depends on chip spec for antenna design.

We provide such inlay in 1 or multi-layers structure with pre-laminated or un-laminated sheet form.

If you need help on antenna design, chip samples & spec providing are needed. Different`chip has specific antenna design. Card producer must qualify the design before mass production.

2.By Wire Antenna Soldering DI Card Tech

Embed the designed copper wires onto substrate; move out both ends of the coil wire. Then solder the antenna directly onto antenna pads of DI module.

The direct-solder bonding between the coil antenna & module is a mature and popular solution, especially in China. Also it does not require proprietary module design or extra consumables for production.

We provide such DI inlays in un-laminated 1 layer, or pre-laminated in multi-layers structures.

3.By Metal(Tin or Cooper) Pad Tech

Metal (Tin or Cooper) pad embedded onto Cooper Wire Antenna is another option, which is in mass shipping too. Using card milling machine to mill the cavities` exposed with metal pads. The milled metal pad has physical connection with` DI module tightly after module implanting process.

The pre-laminated sheet inlay contains 2 metal pads and wired` antenna connection, mainly provide around 0.40mm thickness with` pre-laminated DI inlay.

4.By Coupling Tech(Coil On Module)

The DI card tech of Coil On Module from Infineon is an innovative chip package solution for card industry. Just get inlays with specific design and produced in qualified manufacturer, may laminate & punch the cards as usual way.

At last, just use current contact card milling/embedding machines, implant the modules from Infineon, you will make DI card ready!

The pre-laminated sheet inlay will be needed for industry. The layout will be customized as request!

Main Features

  1. Support mass production as well as trial project, ensuring always a very fast delivery time.
  2. Support different Inlay formats with customized dimension and different materials.
  3. Support customized antenna shape design, inlay thickness and number of wire turns etc.

Why Buy from us

  1. All products are produced with advanced class machines using mature & reliable tech.
  2. 100% DI inlays are tested including dimension and visual inspection before shipping.
  3. Products manufacturing conducted in experienced and mass production factory.
  4. We provide the cost-effective pricing support and the guaranteed lead time support. 
  5. All DI inlays packing with use a solid way, in order to prevent damages during the transportatio


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