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Contactless Card


Special RFID Card


Contactless card, also called proximity card, with the chip of low frequency 125KHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, or ultra-high frequency 860~960MHz, achieves contactless transmission of data with electromagnetic waves transmitting data between the RFID chips and reading devices.With customers of more than 40 countries, RealSmart can offer you various RFID products with superb quality, cost-effective price and fast delivery! We also welcome our customers to consign chips to us for final card/label production in China.

ISO Card :
  • Dimension:85.6 x 54 x 0.8mm
  • Frequency:125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960MHz
  • Security/Access Control
  • Ticketing for public transport
  • Loyalty program
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Ultra-thin Contactless Card
Hybrid Card :
  • Combining two kinds of chip in one card
  • Dual frequency card: LF+HF, LF+UHF, HF+UHF Other combinations are available on reuquest
  • Muti-applications, high level of security
  • Size: CR80 standard -- 85.6mm×54mm
  • Material: PVC / PC / PET / PETG / ...
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Paper card:
  • Available chip: Mifare S50, S70, I CODE SLI,Ultralight, U CODE HSL, U CODE EPC G2, etc.
  • Size: 85.6×54(standard), 152×102...(customized).
  • Thickness: according to customer’s requirements.
  • Material: 80/120g coated paper, 80g offset paper...
  • Surface printing: overlay / gloss oil effect, etc.
  • Specific requirements: moisture-proof...
  • Finish: single card (mold cutting / polishing) joint cards.
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Paper card
Real.ID Proximity Card:
  • Minimal 0.76mm thickness
  • Racetrack antenna
  • No chip impression after full printing
  • Slot punch marks
  • Frequency: 125KHz standard, 134.2KHz on request
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