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Hitag 1


Hitag 1 chip is one of the most common low frequency chip, which has many applications such as Ticketing, Automotive Immobilizer with rolling code, High Security Hands Free Access Control, Industrial automation with portable database, Manufacturing automation, Prepayment Devices, etc…

General Description:

The HT1 DC20 S30, based on the HITAG 1 IC, is a high performance transponder for bi-directional data transmission in half duplex mode.Data are stored in the transponder in a non ®Cvolatile memory (EEPROM). The transponder acts as a passive device, thus not having the need for any internal power supply (battery). It derives power from the magnetic component of the RF carrier frequency generated by the reader. Data is transmitted by modulating this carrier. TheHT1DC20S30isdedicatedforuseinsecureaccess systems where the transponder and the reader have to identify each other.

Technical Features:

  • Complete identification transponder for use in
  • contactless applications
  • Operating frequency 125 kHz
  • Data transmission and supply energy via RF link, no internal battery
  • Low power EEPROM technology for writing distance that equals reading distance
  • Total memory size 2048 bit
  • Parts of memory can be write protected by the user
  • Effectivecommunicationprotocolwithoutstandingdata integrity check
  • Secure mutual authentication function
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Anticollision protocol for handling of multiple
  • transponders inside the field of the reader antenna.

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  • Others on requested

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