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Access Control

RexID Card:

RexID is a new brand,which is fully compatible to 125KHz access control cards,especially H10XXX series proximity access control , and EM ID Read/Only access control, with our RexID series cards, you can program to any H10XXX format,could also be programmed to EM ID format,using our Blackbox D10ED-N encoder, we supply the encoders for free if you purchase our cards.

RexID S Card:

RexID S ,have better performance(better reading range) compared with RexID chip cards, and could make the card with directly bonding technology, to make the card surface very smooth, so that customers could do good printing on both sides including chip position. These cards hava a printable surface and are perfect for employee badging. Could use our RexID S encoder BlackBox D10ED-N to program the cards' WG ID.

RexID Advanced Card:

RexID Advanced Card,program cards' WG ID,User ID and User Data,with our BlackBox D10ED-N RexID card programmer,you can easily program our RexID Advanced Card to H10XXX format,any WG format is available;for the popular 1386 WG26 H10301,WG37 H10302,WG37 H10304,H10320,you can directly do the programming.

Special Design

Ultra-thiny chip module,special design! The ultra-thiny chip module is available only with RexID, RexID S or RexID Advanced. Thin and Oval-shaped coil antenna.Not possible to appear chip divot,not easy to appear antenna divot,perfect clean and flat on card surface.No any problem to pass full printing test even with pink color.

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