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RexID Advanced Card


RexID Advanced Card,program cards' WG ID,User ID and User Data,with our BlackBox D10ED-N RexID card programmer,you can easily program our RexID Advanced Card to H10XXX format,any WG format is available;for the popular 1386 WG26 H10301,WG37 H10302,WG37 H10304,H10320,you can directly do the programming.

RexID Advanced Thin PVC Proximity Card: These cards have a printable surface and are perfect for employee badging.

Could programm cards' WG ID,User ID and User Data.

Available formats: H10301, H103130, H10306, 51880, A17601, H10302, H10304, H10314, H10313C, etc, from WG24 to WG40.

Technical Data :

Dimension CR80 85.60mm*53.98mm
Thickness PVC ISO thin card:0.76mm~0.8mm
Surface PVC ISO lamination card:Perfectly smooth without any chip divot
Material ISO lamination card:PVC or PET
Card surface ISO lamination card:Matte/Glossy finish
Housing ISO thin card:PVC or PET Lamination
Working frequency 125Khz
Chip type RexID Advanced Chip
Reading distance 10cm typically;100cm using long range reader
Data Storage Time 10 years
Function Read/Write protect by password
Printing option full color offset printing
silkscreen printing
silver/gold silk-screen printing background
Addtional crafts magnetic stripe option:300oe,2750oe,4000oe
numbering:Jet dot/Thermo transfer/Laser engrave
barcode printing
signature panel
embossing logo
Application access control/vending machine
hotel management
logistic management
automation in industry/item tracking







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