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RFID On Metal PCB Tag


RFID technology provides simplicity for Logistics,Identification, Assets Tracking,Inventory Management, even in e-Payment, Eticket etc.,with a low cost RFID hard tag. With the advance of UHF technology , it is become more prosperity in applications in aviation, healthcare,retail apparel, supply Chain, even in emerging technologies.

Major products:

1.Tags for vehicles

2.Tags for tooling management

3.Tags for applications

Patents of company:

Have applied for 23 patents in China, and have got approval of 5 patents in 2015, and will get more approval of patents in 2016.


Product Show:

We can Support:

  1. AL Bonding
  2. Golden wire bonding
  3. UV Printing
  4. Laser
  5. Ultrasonic Welding
  6. Reliability Test
  7. Consistency Testing
  8. Design of Tags
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Shanghai RealSmart Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Tel: +86 21 6432 6941