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NFC Business Card

NFC Business Card Concept :

  • A New generation of Business Card 
  • A New Fashion of Social Contact Tool
  • A New Weapon for Business Development 
  • A New Carrier for e-Marketing and Promotion
  • A New Business to Card Player who wants to make’ innovation

What's NFC Business Card?

  • NFC Business Card is combination of Traditional Business Card + NFC build inlay inside.
  • All V-card data can be encoded into NFC cards via data programing software/encoder.
  • Just a simple TAP with NFC Business Card to the phone, all data will be into the phone. So simple!
  • Phone with NFC has no need to install any App. Read NFC Card’s Data immediately. So easy!

Why Play it?

  • Card players wants to find more practical directions for RFID card application
  • More phones have been deploying NFC embedded, especially to Android and’ coming iPhone
  • Traditional business card is NOT convenient for people to’ type & input all data into the phone.
  • Business Card is able to bring more fun in social contacts. Impressive meeting is a good start!
  • URL data (web, video) can be easily encoded into NFC card. Amazing experience for marketing! 

NFC Busniess Card Spec

Model NFC Biz Card Series
Standard NFC Forum Tag 2, Tag 4
NFC Chip

NXP Ntag 213 ,Ntag 216, Mifare Desfire 4K etc

Chip selection depends on data size

For other NFC chips, upon request
NFC Data Encoding Yes. None encoded card supported too.
Support Phone Most Android and coming iPhone. Check with you phone prior
Read Range 15-50mm. Depend on the antenna size and phone model.
Material Coated Art Paper, Plastic / PVC

86X54X0.60mm with round corner for plastic type

90x50/55x0.40mm with rectangle corner for paper type

Surface Finishing

Glossy,Semi-Matt for PVC

Semi-Matt, Matt for Paper

Print Option Colorful printing as artwork
Personalization for photo, character, barcode, QR codes etc.
Order MOQ 100 cards.
Application Social Contact, E-marketing and promotion
NFC Mobile Phone Sticker, Smart Poster etc

How Get Solution?

1.Final Encoded NFC Business Card

  • We can supply final printed NFC card encoded as client’s Artwork and Personalized Data 
  • End-user can start usage immediately once received the new business card!
  • Encoded & Printed QR codes will tell the business card's data in user's iPhone if NFC not ready.

2.White NFC Business Card

  • If you have ability to print the cards, we can supply the white card encoded or even Bare!
  • There are NFC biz card encoding APPs/software on APP. Encoding DIY!

3.NFC Business Card Encoding System

  • If you are able to make printing for business card, we can support you on Encoding System.
  • In simple manually operation way. Single Desktop NFC Encoder + Encoding Platform with PC
  • In mass production automatic way.  Specific Machine with NFC encoding Platform 

4.NFC Business Card Making System in Turn-key Solutions

  • If you are card vendor or traditional business card supplier, may go turn-key solutions.
  • Solution A: Sheet material with NFC Inlay + Inkjet/laser printer with printing software, which can print the artwork and perso data in A4/A3 sheet form for 2x5 or 3x8 cards. After single printed card punch,you may encode the card with the NFC Encoding System.
  • Solution B: Sheet material with NFC Inlay + Inkjet/laser printer with printing software, which can print the artworkand perso data in A4/A3 sheet form for 2x5 or 3x8 cards. After sheet printing, put whole sheet onto the customizedSystem to make NFC data encoding in once! Then cut the card form sheet!

Solution A Solution B


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