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Injection Molding ABS Card Enquiry Now!


Due to Eco-friendly trend and huge smart card shipping volume in global market, ABS based card body is getting more demand. SIM card is one hot market with annual shipment billions ,and more in future.

ABS card body made from injection molding tech is getting larger market than regular production tech of ABS/PVC blended material sheet lamination, card punch and cavity milling. Optimized production process and Eco-friendly are advantages for Injection Molding ABS Card

Who We Are?

High- Great is a leading injeciton molding card manufacturer, mass production with 40 lines including injection molding, Single Card Printing Press, capacity of daily 1.5 Million cards, and safe inventory 30 Millions cards always

Hi-Great based in Shanghai China, is now supplying huge quantity cards to these top card players. Not only printed card body, Hi-Great is also ready to support GSM card market on Chip Embedding and Plug-in Punch Service.

RealSmart, one active pioneer in card industry over 10 years. Working as exclusive business partner of Hi-Great for global card market, determined to provide you great quality and support !

What Product & Service We Have?

We provide cost-effective product and service with proven quality as below.

Wide range ABS card bodies with Injection Molding Tech

Individual card body printing on 2 side surface by offset Tech

Chip Module embedding with spec M2, M3, M4, M5 of 6Pin, 8Pin

Plug-in punching with various combination of 2FF, 3FF and 4FF.

Customized service on new Mold making in own tooling depart.

What Material We Use for Production?

All material we using comply with international chemical safety standard. Will provide you document of MSDS for more info. For example, GP-22 is one kind of usual ABS material for mass production now.

What's Regular Model We Have?

Nearly 20 models Injection Molding ABS Card, mainly used for GSM/SIM card production. Each model we recommend here has mass application experiences with proven quality.

Model : 001
Model : 002
Model : 003
Model : 004
Model : 005
Model : 006
Model : 007
Model : 008

Glad to offer you free samples for evaluation. Welcome contact us receiving more technical info and support.

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Tel: +86 21 6432 6941