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High Security Seal


RealSmart can provide ISO 17712 high security RFID seals(RFID E-Seal) . We offer you the know how , expertise and consultancy in order to take the right decisions.

The tradition seal just has some words and numbers on the seal. It can be copied and doesn't have any secure structure. It is very easy to tamper and you can't find out that the tradition seal was tampered by thief.

The RFID E-Seal has the Unique UID code that can identify the UID code even if the E-Seal's appearance are the same. The thief can copy many tradition seals, but they can't copy RFID E-Seal.

E-Seal has passed ISO 17712 High Security Testing and fulfill C-TPAT requirements. It has below anti-tampering functions:

  1. E-Seal can't read any RFID data before use.
  2. E-Seal can read RFID data when closed.
  3. E-Seal can't read any RFID data after cutting.
  4. Use only once, stops working if it has been tampered or damaged.
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