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Card Counter


This portable photoelectric card counter adopts the advanced digital circuit of lower power consumption and the photoelectric technical theory. It has been engineered with multifunction and convenience for user. It can be used to count different material cards accurately. Now it’s widely used in global card industry from manufacturing to personalization and issuing companies.


Card manufacturer, Personalization or Issue Bureau likes Bank, Operator.


  • Universal Li-battery
  • Integrates counting modes menu for different types of cards.
  • Visual display and audio signal help judging the counting results


  • User-friendly design, two counting keys
  • Bidirectional counting keys make right-hand and left-hand users to operate it with comfort and accuracy
Screen display
  • LCD display
  • Battery capacity indication, charge indication
  • Low power alarm indication
  • Self oriented display when left-hand or right-hand keys are used.
  • High capacity lithium battery
  • Low-consumption chip rated at less than 320mAh.
  • Three charging modes: via USB, via universal 5V charger, and via wireless charge from the wireless charging base.
Power On/Off
  • In power off status, press the 'multifunction key' to power on the counter.
  • Auto standby / power off function: The counter will stay in standby mode in inactive for 20 seconds, and power off automatically if no operation in 60 seconds.
Count Mode Single Count and Accumulation Count
  • Automatic Accumulation: Press 'Multifunction Key' to switch between 'Single Counting' and 'Accumulation' mode.
  • Manual Accumulation: Press 'Multifunction Key' to accumulate each counting record.
Counting Card Category
  • Card material: ABS / PVC / PET, Transparent Plastic, Paper
  • Card thickness: PVC ~ 0.38mm – 1.2mm/ABS ~ 0.5mm – 1.2mm/Paper~ 0.4mm – 1.2mm
  • Card types: white, printed, embossed, indented, with black intermediate layer

Technique Parameters:

  • Battery:Li-ion 3.6V/1600mAh
  • Compatible of NOKIA 6100 (BL-4C)
Working Environment
  • Working Temperature:10℃~40℃
  • Working Humidity:30%~90%
Single Time Counting Quantity 1~2000pcs
Maxim Accumulation 99999pcs(Chinese)999999pcs (English)
Dimensions 175mm(L)×70mm(W)×36mm(H)
Weight 200g
Guarantee 1 Year


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