NFC Business Card Solution




NFC is found everywhere these days from credit cards to door locks, but must importantly: your smartphone! With a few simple steps and relatively low costs you can create a digital business card that uses NFC and can be read by a smartphone to transfer contact information. This high-tech solution makes exchanging your contact information not only fast and easy, but also makes you look very cool!

NFC Business Card Solution

What’s NFC Business Card ?

A combination of Traditional Business Card’ + NFC inlay build inside

A simple TAP, all contacts data will come & keep in phone automatically

v-Card data can be encoded into card via programing software & encoder

No need to install App for Android phone. Just download app for iOS phone play!

NFC Business Card Solution

How to Get NFC Business Card Solution?

1.Final NFC Business Card

Supply final printed NFC card as artwork and encoded NFC data(NDEF)

User can start usage immediately once received NFC business card.

2.White NFC Business Card

If you can print individual card,we can supply white card(PVC or Paper)encoded or even bare in single or sheet format!

Supply you NFC encoding software.Customer/user can do DIY!

3.NFC Encoding System

If you can print business card directly,we can support you Encoding System on rental/lincense.

In simple manually operation way.Single Desktop NFC Edcoder + Encoding Platform with PC

In mass production automatic way.Specific Machine with NFC encoding Platform

4.NFC Business Card Making System in Turn-key Solutions

If you are card vendor or traditional business card supplier,may go turn-key solution.

Solution A: 

Sheet material with NFC Inlay + Inkjet/laser printer’ with printing software, which can print the artwork and perso’ data in A4/A3 sheet form for 2x5 or 3x8 cards. After single’ printed card punch, you may encode the card with the NFC’ Encoding System.

NFC Business Card Solution

Solution B: 

Sheet material with NFC Inlay + Inkjet/laser printer’ with printing software, which can print the artwork and perso data in A4/A3 sheet form for 2x5 or 3x8 cards. After sheet printed, put make NFC data encoding in once! Then cut the card from sheet!

NFC Business Card Solution

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