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  • Artwork format & DPI
  • For PC File Format DPI Mode
    Illlustrator .ai .eps No less than 300 dpi CMYK
    CorelDraw .cdr
    Photoshop .psd


  • While Setting Up Your Artwork.
  • Bleeds A bleed of no less than 3mm will be required
    Document Size The standard card size is 85.7X54.03mm.
    Artwork image size not less than 88.7mmX57.03mm.
    Artwork spec. Recommend for using 300 DPI for artworkd.


  • Fonts and Images
  • Fonts If you hope to keep the fonts you select, please always convert all types to curves or outlines.
    Images Please be sure to provide all of your placed or linked images to guarantee all elements you want are included.


  • Accepted software formats (PC Compatible FIles only)
  • Adobe Illustrator:EPS/AI convert fonts to curves(outline) format

    CorelDraw: CDR convert fonts to curves(outline) format

    Adobe Photoshop: this file type is not recommended for files including type as it reduces the quality when printing.

  • Colors for printing
  • Files will be accepted in CMYK and Pantone colors only, Files in RGB will not be accepted.Pantone Colors ensure your artwork files specify the exact pantone color names within the file.All pantones must also be listed on the order form.

  • Images
  • Photographs must be a minimum of 300dpi in order to secure the resolution

    Vector Art should remain as editable pahts for optimal printing standards

  • Fonts
  • All fonts used in the file must be supplied if outlines have not been created, including screen and printer fonts. Fonts must be supplied in True Type Format(windows) or Post Script(windows).

  • Gradients & Vignettes
  • Ensure gradients created in illustrator are set at 2400dpi in attributes and document set up. To prevent banding it is best to create gradients in Photoshop. Also, gradations should not be 0% to 100% due to the uniqueness of printing on plastic. If gradations are created at about 6% to 99% they have a less tendency of banding.

  • Logos
  • Any logos includes in the file must be inserted as vector-graphic(=Lines,paths), not bitmap or raster. This ensures the image remains crisp and clear. Alternatively, whilst not preferred a high quality logo can be used.

  • General Requirements
  • Chord marks must be included in your file.Frames/borders must not be used to mark the trim if you do not want them to be printed.

    Files can be sent us via email to RealSmart sales people or by CD. Also, we can download the files at your pionted internet address

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