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Welcome your visiting here! RealSmart was founded in China 2005s with booming industry of Smart Card & RFID business. The headquarters of us is located in Shanghai, with branches in China. We are a team of highly qualified specialists who have worked for a long time.

Building on the culture of passion, excellence and reliability, RealSmart now covers the entire smart card &RFID product sales, value added solution and up to chip manufactory.

RealSmart offers our customer and partners expertise in both high-quality, low-cost product as well as a flexible software solution and a professional consultant service.

With slogan “Creating smart platform”, RealSmart is helping to create a smart platform for not only our own business but also our partner’s development in China and global customers which are seeking for Chinese partnership!

Our Target Customer:

  • System Integrator in Plastic/Smart card & RFID field
  • Plastic/Smart Card Manufacturers
  • Channel trader or value-added partners

We Always Believe In:

  • Teamwork
  • Your success is our success
  • Quick response to your any inquiry
  • Cost-effective price with high quality
  • Fast delivery and experienced logistics
  • Listening to your suggestion and commands
  • Well service leads mutual pleasant cooperation
  • Take care more about your situation and demands
  • Strategic and long-time partnership with customers

A Professional Team

  • Most staffs are well educated and have constant professional training, especially on their occupational skills
  • Major Managers and operators have longtime working experiences, some over 10 years in smart card & RFID industry
  • Multi-language makes communication easy, support English, Russian, Spanish
  • We know how about different level’s customer demands, also to industrial trend
  • Powerful R&D team, even to software development which keeps us going up and ensures our core competition ability. We could develop COS for CPU card too
  • Experienced logistics division ensures your cargos shipment safely and on-time
  • All our outsourcing partners were qualified and with mass production capacity

A Young & Active Team

  • The average age of our team is 31.7 years old which brings more passion
  • The abundant company activities creates more energy and promotes the up-going company culture
  • The working environment is quite comfortable and inner relationship is harmonious

Machine List

Type Vendor Qty Test Capability Capacity(KK/mth)
Flipchip conding Muehlbauer(TAL 15K) 6 HF/UHF 5
Muehlbauer(TAL 9K) 3 HF/UHF 2
Muehlbauer(DDA40K) 4 HF/UHF 6~12
Converting Muehlbauer(CL-60K) 2 HF/UHF 12
FV 1 HF/UHF 15
Performance Tester(Voyantic) Tag Performance 1 HF/UHF  
Tag Assurance 1 UHF  
Die Shear Dage4000 1 Die Shear  

Production Facility Glance:

Contact Us

Shanghai RealSmart Technologies Co., Ltd.

R201, Bldg E, No. 50, Lane 2080 Lianhua Rd, Minhang Dist, Shanghai 201103, China

Tel: +86 21 6432 6941

Fax: +86 21 6432 6942



Tel: +86 21 6432 6941